1,The new user registration or existing account login.

    Hello, first you need to register an account on Minhai Bio’s official website.


 2, Choose goods

     Minhai website commodity information, browse and select the goods that you want to buy, click "add to cart". If you still need to add other goods, continue browsing the website, and select more goods.


3, Enter into to the shopping cart.

4, Confirm order

    After selecting goods, click “settlement" to confirm order. At this point, you need to fill out the information such as consignee address, select the mode of payment, delivery time, etc. Orders cannot be modified after submission, please fill in carefully.


5, Confirm the order information

    Please check carefully that the order of the product information is correct.


6, Inspection sign

    When you have completed the above steps and pay successfully, you can set your mind at rest and wait for the goods, the products will be sent to you soon!

Information sign

    In order to protect the vital interests of the people, we should remind you that we should pay attention to the following items:

1. When placing an order, please use your own address and contact phone number

2. When receiving the goods, please check the goods on the spot, check weather the outer packing is in good condition or not, the quantity of the goods is in line with the order details or not.

3. When you can’t sign by yourself, please entrust others to sign for and inspect according to the second operation;

4. If quality problems occur after signing for the product, please contact with the customer service. They are the telephone number 0931-8554881   0931-8558921.