Delivery Method

Minhai website shopping is delivered by a third party.

1、Delivery Method :

Minhai deliver mainly through " Kerry logistics " Best express ", " YT express " and " S.F express " for distribution.

2、Distribution costs, :

Free delivery to all the places

3、Distribution Range :

"Kerry logistice express" and "YT express," deliver to all the places. "S.F express" and "Best express" cannot reach some parts of China. Please make sure whether shipping company can delivery to your region, and fill in the details of the consignee information.

4、Distribution Time :

We will deliver your goods within three working days after we receive your payment. ( If the goods need to delay shipments, we will be explained in the sales page) The arrival time depends on the distance and the efficiency of the transportation company.

5、Distribution Enquiries :

After sending the goods, you can log in "my orders" and use your query invoice number. According to the invoice number you can query delivery schedule, also you can surf the internet from the transport company's official website.

User can log in the third party delivery company website accordingly:

To S.F express website To kerry logistics express website To YT express website To Best express website

  Other instructions for delivery services :
1、 After you sign for the goods, please open the package immediately and check whether the parts are all covered for completed, confirm the product is normal. Please contact us if you have any questions.
2、 If you find the product is damaged in the process of shipping, you have the right to request the shipping company present certificate, and demand the transportation company to pay for compensations.
3、 Because of weather, logistics, other uncontrollable circumstances, the product may appear some phenomenons such as partial melting, when protein precipitation are in the normal range, it does not affect use.
4、 Problems caused by personal reasons lead to delay in receiving the product mlting, protein precipitation, liability shall be taken by the receiving party.
5、 After the goods are sent with a sales outbound order, checking, please click on the outbound order's fax number or email to sign and send back.