Minhai company promise if there are qualified problems which belong to non-artificial damage, the customer can choose to return, exchange service. The company or by the Minhai company specified in the quality inspection department experts to provide free door-to-door services; You can submit an order online or contact the customer service center to handle relevant matters. Within seven days from the date of receiving the returned goods, the consumer will get refunded payment.

1. When customers order products please confirm order again, after careful selection error caused by the return of the demand by the customer, we do not assume any responsibility. Because of the serum of storage conditions have special requirement, please customers read instructions properly keep the product in accordance with the storage conditions.

2.Customer inspect the product as soon as you receive the goods, if you found any packing specification, quantity, variety, appearance damage, a missing or defected, please give feedback to our customer service department within three working days, our staff will deal with the problems, including return and exchange.

3. Returned products due to poor cell growth or other reasons, whether they can be return determine on the status of the product when received if it can be return.

4. Confirmed returning products must comply with the state of the product. They should be frozen, inside is neat and in good condition, outer packing in good condition, it can be returned.

5. For delivery and send goods quality, if the users are agreed with them in the above time limit (3 working days after reception of products), they are seen as recognition products.

6. Involving products returned to the freight, customers need to contact with our customer service personnel and customers should operate transport matters in accordance with the relevant guidance