Payment Method

    Minhai website support pay treasure, remittances, Wechat third-party payment platform. Temporarily does not support cash on delivery, please pay attention when buy, to avoid influencing your normal receiving.   


Pay related

    Minhai website currently supports remittance, pay treasure, wechat and multiple online payments.
、If you select the delivery of orders, it can be pay online.
、Non completed online payment orders can be retained for only a week, please pay in time.
、For your properties safety, please don't disclose your account password to others.
、If you meet any problems while paying, please contact with customer service for help.


Payment tutorial

    In order to your payment finished quickly, Minhai website center provides complete tutorials, you can check and select appropriate payment methods to pay.

>Situation A: I use pay treasure account to pay

>Situation B: I have bank card

1、I use pay treasure account to pay.

Step 1: Choose pay treasure payment, click on the submit orders.


Step 2: Click on immediate pay



Step 3: Enter your pay treasure account details and password (it’s payment password, not the login password), click next step when confirmed (payment needs to install the controls, this may be prompted for the first time, click on install).



Step 4: Using pay treasure to pay, you can choose "balance" (tips: if the pay treasure account balance is insufficient, you can use pay treasure to pay a part and use a cash card or credit card pay for the rest).



Step 5: After using verification code, click on confirm for payment;



 Situation B: I have bank card only.

    For the convenience of each customer, we support offline remittance, when you place your order in accordance with the amount of the remittance after its successfully payed, please contact our customer service, after confirmation we will send you goods.