How to order goods?

First, you can browse our website. If you see products that you satisfied you can directly order on our website. Also you can contact the websites customer services to order.

I think they are good after I saw your goods through the website, but I don't often surf the Internet, can you send some pictures of the goods and introduction pamphlets to me?

Our website will often send emails for the members. If you have not become our member, you can register on our website directly, it is very convenient.

Please tell me the reason why I should shop here?

    1. We have a lot of experience about the retail business operation.

    2. We will give you high quality commodities and more preferential price;

    3. All kinds of payment methods and national distribution with at a fast speed.

    4. Humanized return policy;

    5. Considerate membership rewards program;

    6. All products are packed from the original factory.

I really like your goods, I have bought a lot, but there are not stock. Can I order them ?

With a lot of Customer purchases, the web sites goods may be out of stock at any time, you can click the" notify" button for booking goods or contact us directly for confirmation of the order.

Can I buy all the products on the website?

Currently all can be ordered, but there must be a warehouse that we can confirm with you. You can make a reservation of popular goods. We will immediately inform you by phone or E-mail to order if we have.

Why do you want to register member?

    1. Only registered users can order online and enjoy preferential price.

    2. Only registered users can login to the "member center", use more members shopping functions, and manage their own data.

    3. Only registered users can leave a message to other registered friends on the Internet.

    4. Only registered users may gain our complimentary gift.

What should I do if I forgot password?

In order to protect the benefit of the customer, we can't see your password. When you forget your password, please visit the registration page, click on the "forgot password", the system will automatically send your password by email to tell you that you can login "member center" to change the password, to ensure that your interests are safe.

What is the integral system? What is its role?

How many integral points you have only reflect the extent of your attention and supporting to us. Our points are gained by ordering goods. For customers with more integration points we will have some reward, such as points for goods, the integral deduction price, commodities, more favorable price to buy goods, etc., to feedback the masses of customers.