1, how to get help on the site?

    Please click the "contact us" button in the top right corner the website, you can see the contact information of the customer service and technical service, we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

    Or you can contact us directly by telephone or E-mail at the following:
    Technical service hotline: +86-931-8558939
    Technical service email: 381450688
    Customer service hotline: 0931-8554881

Customer service email:

2, how to change the account email address??

    First, logging in your current account, clicking on "my account", filling out a new valid email address in the "account information". Finally, clicking “save” to update. What we change in the "my account", just change your receipt mail. If you need to change the login account, please contact with customer services Minhai.

3,what should you do if you forget your password??

    Please click the "reset password" button, in the login page, then operating according to the instructions.

4,Can not log on??

    Possible reasons

    Users use the wrong account

    Users use the wrong password

5,Can I see the previous orders??

    You can click on the top right of the page, "my account", and then click on the "order" button to see all the historical orders of the account.

6,Can I use a number of commonly used receiving address??

    It is ok. You can directly contact the customer service, Minhai, add a number of commonly used shipping address, or to change the existing address.

7What can be confirmed after submit the order??

    Your order will be handled within 48 hours and receive the order confirmation.

8,How can I modify or cancel the order??

    You'd better contact the customer service as soon as possible, because the order will be handled within 48 hours./font>

9,Why I can't receive the email of the order confirmation??

    First, Please make sure that your email is received by other mail. Secondly, Please contact your IT to confirm whether the mail is blocked by your server or not. If you still can’t receive email, please contact customer service.

10,Why can't I see some of the discounts??

    There is no discount for some goods, if you want to know more, please contact customer service, Minhai.

11,Why can't I go to the next step in the shopping cart and when buying something I make mistakes. ?

    Some products have been discontinued or temporarily out of stock, so you can't buy. If you want to know more, please contact customer service.

12,Will the goods which I am ordered be sent at the confirmed time on the website?

    If there is no problem about credit limit, the goods will be sent on the confirmed time of the website. Considering the other uncertain factors, please contact the Minhai customer service to confirm accurate delivery time.

13How can I track my order??

    You can go to "my account" on the website, and click on the "orders" to track all your orders, or contact customer services.

14,What is the meaning of "the purchase order number or internal reference number" in the process of the order.?

    Order number is convenient for you to record and reference, you can fill in your company's purchase order number.

15,What should I do if the price of the website is not consistent with the price of the sales report??

    At the last step of the order, "orders" page, find the "special remarks" on the lower left corner, note your actual prices.

16What should I do if I need to return goods??

    Please contact with the people of the customer service.