Technical support & Service

Under the technical support of KLBB of the SEAC, LZMH can provide personnel training, testing, technical advisory services for customers.

Cell Identification

Biological characteristics Exogenous factors contamination detection
Cell viability Sterility test
Maximum proliferation concertation Mycoplasma
Cell population doubling time Bluetonge virus
Cloning rate Adenovirus
Karyotype analysis Parvovirus
Respiratory syncytical virus
Isozyme analysis Bovine Reovirus
Bovine viral diarrhea virus
Exogenous gene expression Rabies virus
  Hemadsorbing agents
  Cytopathogenic agents

Virus screening Cell culture, Fluorescent antibody method, Red blood cell assay
Rotavirus ELISA
Japanese encephalitis virus antibody PRNT
HEV antibody ELISA
BVDV antibody ELISA
FMD antibody ELISA
HBV antibody ELISA
Antibiotics Gentamicin ELISA
Penicillin ELISA
Kanamycin ELISA
Streptomycin ELISA
Tetracyclines ELISA

Bio-medical Technology Service


Item method
Sterility test Collect fungus
Total Protein Kjeldahl determination
E.Coli and phage Plaque assay and Proliferation
Mycoplasma Liquid culturing method, DNA staining
Osmolality Osmometer
Amino acid analysis HPLC
Biochemmical study Biochemical analyzer
Cell growh test Growth curve method
Low density culture for cloning rate


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